Ireland is ranked in the 10 best educated countries in the world and leads in the skills race with a higher percentage of 3rd Level Graduates than UK, US and OECD averages

Lonely Planet: “World’s Friendliest Country”

  1. Ireland has been ranked the world’s third most globalised economy in terms of GDP, & the most globalised nation in the western world (2013 Ernst and Young Index)
  2. Ireland forecast to be third most ‘digitally engaged’ country by 2015-2016.
  3. one of Europe’s oldest cities…
  4. one of Europe’s youngest, vibrant and most lively cities – Dublin has the youngest population in Europe, with over 30% under 30
  5. Global Peace Index: “6th safest country in the world”

Opportunities for graduates

  1. 8 out of top 10 pharmaceutical
  2. 9 out of top 10 technology (Ireland is the internet and games capital of Europe)
  3. 15 out of top 25 medical devices
  4. 50% of world’s leading financial services

US investment into Ireland greater than into Brazil, Russia, India, China… COMBINED!

US Companies employ 100,000 people in their operations in Ireland. Some of the most significant employers include: Intel, Boston Scientific, Dell, Pfizer, IBM, CITI, Medtronic, Hewlett Packard, Abbott, Google, Johnson and Johnson, Facebook, Covidien, BNY Mellon and State Street.

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Study in Ireland : IT Industry

  • Ireland is the internet and games capital of Europe
  • 3 of the world’s top 5 gaming companies are here
  • Top 10 “born on the internet” companies are all here
  • Top 5 exporter of software in the world
  • Home to 8 of the world’s top 10 technology companies
  • Biggest Cloud computing hub in Europe  Read more..

Study in Ireland : Pharmaceutical Industry

  • 7 out of 10 of the world’s biggest blockbuster drugs made in Ireland
  • 9 of the world’s top 10 pharma companies are already here and12 of the world’s top selling medicines are made here
  • 163 pharmaceutical and life science companies are already here
  • Employs over 50,000 people directly and indirectly

Study in Ireland : MedTech

  • 2nd largest exporter of med-tech products in Europe
  • 15 of the world’s top 20 medical technology companies manufacture in Ireland
  • 50% of ventilators used in acute hospitals worldwide are made in Ireland
  • 25,000 people employed in industry in Ireland (the most med-tech personnel per capita in Europe)

Growth is predicted in renewable energies, efficient energy use, water and waste water treatment; waste management, recovery and recycling; environmental consultancy services, green ICT applications and software. It is also predicted there will be 14,500 job opportunities at all skills levels over the next five years.

Other Highlights

  • There are 230,000 jobs linked to agri-food.
  • Innovation is key to the national agri-food strategy, which aims to create 30,000 new jobs.
  • Agri-food research has been allocated 641m euro, or 11pc of the total funding available for science, technology and innovation.